Why Not Tint Your Car Windows?

Why not tint your car windows, especially if you live in a very warm climate, such as Phoenix, AZ or Las Vegas. It simply makes a lot of sense and it can protect you and the interior of your car because a good tint job will lessen the UV rays as well as the heat coming through the glass of your car windows.

Just to make a point, in Phoenix many residents can attest to the times when the got into their cars, only to literally burn their hands on the steering wheel, it was so hot inside of the car. Everyone knows that it takes a while for the air conditioning to really cool down a hot car in Phoenix.

You should keep in mind that as far as getting your car windows tinted, you get what you pay for. While you can pay $100 or so for a DIY kit, or pay that amount with lesser skilled installers, be prepared to pay up to $250 to $400 for a good window tinting job.

Some installers can put the tinting film onto the windows and the job can look very good for about a year, but then the film starts to bubble and peel off. One good way to protect yourself is to look on a directory like “Angie’s List” and see who is reliable in your area and who has the best results over time.

While you can go for having your whole car tinted, many people just go for having the front windows done. You save costs but your other windows are not protected. You have to make those decisions yourself, just to know gradually perhaps what works and what doesn’t work.

If you hear that small voice saying, “Why don’t you tint your car windows,” just know that that may be your conscience talking to your, so you can at least look into it.